Bollywood at the Oscars!

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Aishwarya Rai and Mallika Sherawat were both at the Oscars this year. I think Mallika dresses like a tart, and this time was no exception. Maybe if it didn't have that slit in the chest it wouldn't look like she was trying so hard for attention. Oh well, she needs to be recognized for something, right?! And what better than some good ol' T and A.

Aishwarya's Armani Prive dress was unfortunately not flattering on her - not in that dull brown color, and not on her figure. I'd like to see her in something bright that complements her skin tone and brings out that natural tan! Versace has made many a career and would have been a great choice for her - I would have loved to see her in something like this Atelier Versace from Fall 2010.

Mallika, on the other hand, could have surprised us all with going a little more fashion-forward instead of opting for the overdone sexpot. Can you imagine how fresh and stunning she would have looked in something like this Spring 2011 Elie Saab?

It's as if Mallika suffers from too much sex appeal, and Aishwarya, not enough.

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