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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Some of you have requested suggestions for good bronzers out there. There are literally hundreds on the market. So how's a girl to know which one is best?

A good bronzer can be the difference between


and this:

Jennifer Lopez is the queen of bronzer, so let's take a tip from her on how to apply bronzer right:

Bronzer is best applied along your hairline - that means along your cheekbones and along the hairline on your forehead.

My favorite bronzers are from Nars and Guerlain.

Nars gives you bold color and the convenience of a blush and bronzer in one palette:

But probably nothing compares to the original, Guerlain. Introduced in 1984, Terracotta was the first and probably is still the best.

A really under-appreciated brand is The Body Shop. One of the first to come out with the "shimmer waves" product, theirs still remains my favorite. The mix of colors in the compact provides an iridescent glow that forgivingly hides imperfections.

I usually dust this shimmer over my bronzer and blush when I'm finished.

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