How to Wear Ethnic Pieces: Add Leather

Friday, April 15, 2011

My parents are Pakistani-born while I was born and raised in good ol' Wisconsin, USA.

With my parents' rich cultural heritage (like most other kids whose parents were first generation Americans), my siblings and I were often made to go to Pakistani parties and dress up in Pakistani clothes that my mom or grandma brought back with them from their trips abroad.

I liked some parts of the clothing, mostly the bright colors and sparkly beads. But I always remember thinking to myself, "I don't look like Jasmine from Aladdin, do I?" (Considering that my mom was able to take the same outfit and dress me up as Jasmine for Halloween one year, this fear wasn't too far-fetched). The clothes were always different from the party dresses I saw everyone else wearing on TV or at the mall. And not to mention more complicated - I always had the pants, the long shirt, and the long scarf to keep together - that's too much for an 11-year old to worry about! I wanted to fight with the boys and run after them outside!

Alas, I got older and stopped running after boys. But there are still Pakistani parties to go to, and with them, Pakistani clothes to wear. As I've grown older, I've realized that if I'm going to wear Pakistani clothes, I want to wear ones that represent my own style: something that will be a perfect blend of both my cultural heritages and that I can mix and match with my own accessories.

Here is a Pakistani dress from Haute Heritage that I'm wearing traditionally and then dressed down a bit. I want Pakistani clothes that I can wear to more than just one event.

What about you?

Dress: Haute Heritage
Jacket: H&M

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