Isabel Marant Sneakers + Knockoffs for Less

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Aaah, trends. Sometimes confusing - should I or shouldn't I? - sometimes inevitable. There are some trends none of us can escape - dark wash skinny jeans, for example - and some that leave us wondering whether we can (or should even try to) pull off (peplum blouses, anyone?)

With trends, I usually try to go with what feels right. In fashion, the time-tested advice has always been to wear what looks good on YOU - not what you see on everybody else. When I'm shopping, one rule of thumb I go by is whether the piece in question goes with what I'm wearing at the time, or if I could picture myself walking out the store wearing it, right then and there. Now this doesn't work with EVERYTHING, but generally, I know that if I don't want to run out of the store wearing it, then most likely it will end up in the back of my closet. So, generally I will only buy what I absolutely love.

One trend people seem to either love or hate right now are these high-top sneakers first introduced by Isabel Marant a few years ago. I actually love them - I think they're cute and funky, have a bit of a tomboy edge, and added bonus: anything that's that clunky on your feet are bound to make your legs look skinny ;)

Isabel Marant Bekett Sneakers
Low-cost alternative: BDG Quarter-Strap High-Top Wedge Sneaker @ Urban Outfitters

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