Stormy Style

Monday, October 29, 2012

As we all brace ourselves for the storm, I've been thinking about what to wear if I ever get out of the house. Eventually we're all going to have to go back to work, even though it's expected to rain for days. So naturally we're going to have to find something to wear that will withstand the wet winds and still look human.

One of my favorite recent purchases has been a simple pair of hunter green knee-high rain boots. I know it's nothing too exciting, but I'm surprised how much I'm enjoying them! They're so sturdy, I never have to worry about ruining my shoes in the rain (how practical!) But best of all, they're colorful and so brighten up an otherwise gloomy day. Kate Moss almost single-handedly started the wellies trend when she showed up at a few music festivals wearing them. So let's take a cue from one of our favorite style icons, and start from there:

A canvas military jacket is a welcome alternative to the predictable trenchcoat-in-the rain. Since it's a more casual style, it's easy to layer over sweaters and collared shirts and so makes a great look for work and after. They usually run big, which is another added bonus in not-so-ideal conditions.

A messenger bag is another good option in the rain - it allows you to keep your hands free to comfortably carry your umbrella. Its casual style goes great with a canvas army coat. And finally, a hat is always a good idea when it's pouring outside - anything to save your head from getting wet! Beanies are making a comeback, and the good thing is they're perfectly comfortable and casual. So here's to having another hat option!

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