Decor Idea: Wallpaper Accents

Saturday, March 19, 2011

We love wallpaper - the difference it can make in a room is astounding!

Wallpaper was initially popular in Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries as an inexpensive alternative for costly hangings. Its use however, has fallen into disfavor as it's become increasingly viewed as old-fashioned and frumpy.

But with the advent of gorgeous patterns by modern designers (one of my favorites is York), wallpaper deserves a comeback!

We recently used wallpaper to spice up our foyer and guest bathroom.

The guest bathroom on the first floor of our home was totally bare. Completely white walls, silver fixtures, and a slate-gray tiled floor gave the room a sterile feel.

I always loved the look of those tiny powder rooms with the cute floral wallpaper patterns. So we opted for this pattern, a more modern take on the floral motif with gold accents.

Take a look at the before and afters!



Now we just need a few bathroom accessories and we're done!

The previous home owners had chosen a matte red accent wall for the foyer. Because we had already chosen red for the fireplace and because red didn't really fit in the theme of our living room, we decided to change it. We went with this diamond-patterned gold and bronze wallpaper.

Here is the before and after:



Now we just need to add a foyer table, a wall hanging and a few more accessories and we're done!

What do you guys think of the changes?

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  1. i love it, great job Sanaa!

  2. wallpaper looks great, I love the chandelier change in the foyer, it's beautiful

  3. Thanks Sana! The light fixture before just wasn't cutting it!


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