Caped Style for Pregnancy at 7 Months

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hello everyone!

I am at 7 months now! The weather is definitely starting to get colder, so I've taken to layering. Here I'm wearing a suit jacket around my shoulders to give a caped look. It works for the pregnancy silhouette and is also a good option for when weather is unpredictable. I'm also sticking to neutrals here - I tend to like neutrals anyway, but especially now because they complement each other and are great to layer.

This olive green is one of my favorite colors, probably because it works well with everything from beige to black. I got it recently from Forever 21, which I found has been a great source for pregnancy clothes because they're not much of an investment. Another thing I've learned about pregnancy fashion is that creating some structure in your ensemble - whether through a jacket or belt - is really important in avoiding a "tent" shape and not looking bigger than you really are.

I'll be back with more style posts soon!


Shirt: Forever 21
Leggings: H&M
Bag: Zara
Watch: Michael Kors
Shoes: BCBG

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