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Monday, September 30, 2013

Hello lovely readers!

Today I wanted to share with you pics of a before/after home project of ours that's always been in some sort of transition. If you follow TSM on Instagram, you might have seen a peek I posted last week. I wanted to share more details with you all here!

Despite being a focal point in our home, the room's structure - a patio door on one side, fireplace on the other and dining room opening on the third - left us with only one wall off which we could really work. And there lay our challenge. 

In the beginning we thought the space might make floor-seating a good option, so we plopped down a mattress and piled on ethnic floor cushions, pillows and throws. It got kind of tiring and we ended up not using the space as much as we hoped except for entertaining. 

To fix this problem, I started thinking about we needed most. One thing was a more efficient home office space from which I could work while doing other things in the house. But with office space often comes clutter, and we didn't want that out in the open as the first thing being seen. 


This was the room shortly before we moved in. 


After finishing the more time-intensive changes like paint color, replacing the ceiling fan and removing the window dressings, we got to work on furnishing. This time around, we contained the floor seating to just one corner by the fireplace, and anchored the other side with a chaise. In the third corner, I placed an open-concept desk and solved the clutter problem by using stylish trays and boxes to complement the ethnic textiles in the rest of the room. I also wanted modern elements like a white acrylic chair and silver halogen track lighting to offset the global-chic decor palette.

Now the room is more functional while still keeping a cozy and relaxed vibe to complete work comfortably :)  

Our next big project will be to convert the spare room (which I currently use as an extra closet) into a nursery. I'll post updates on how it's progressing very soon, so stay tuned!


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