Maternity Style: Icons and Tips

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hello lovely readers!

I'm almost in my final trimester now! One thing I've learned about pregnancy style so far is that it's constantly changing - and I don't just mean fashion trends, but finding what works for YOU. There are days I don't want to wear anything but my maternity leggings, and then days I realize I need to get out of my outfit rut!

When your body changes so fast that it's difficult to even recognize yourself in the mirror and the morning sickness has you throwing up everything, and your skin begins to take on a sick shade of green...

... It's important to remember to love who you are and be happy in the skin you're in. And sometimes that takes doing little things for yourself like getting a fresh haircut or blowdry, a mani/pedi, or a trip to Sephora for a makeover - these things can all do wonders.

Finding a good maternity style for yourself can also help in this department. And that can mean looking to someone who's done it right for inspiration. After browsing through tons of pics of good and bad maternity style, I've identified a few of my favorite "maternity style icons" and some tips we can all pick up from them.

NICOLE RICHIE - Casual Bohemian
Think: Hats, scarves, and funky accessories like colorful clutches and bangles
Nicole Richie is someone who got casual, comfortable everyday style during her pregnancy right. Check out her empire-waist dresses in comfortable modal material, accessorized with colorful clutches and simple jewelry.

JESSICA ALBA - Everyday Chic
Think: Casual, loose tops + Jeans, and big comfy scarves
Take a cue from Jess Alba's style file and try layering big scarves and blazers. You can keep the look chic and clean by keeping your hair up in a stylish, sleek bun.

VICTORIA BECKHAM - Chic Sophisticate 
Think: Lots of black, blazers and big bags that camouflage the bump.
Victoria Beckham stuck to basic, slimming black and didn't mind sticking to what worked, often repeating outfits that did just the trick.

-    Now’s a time to play with accessories like hats, scarves, belts, jewelry, sunglasses  – they add a bit of effortless style when you may not feel your best.
-    Empire-waisted cuts are still the best way to go as they give the most flattering pregnancy shape. If the piece you're wearing isn't empire-waisted, sometimes (depending on its shape) you can just add a belt under your bust to give yourself the same silhouette.     
-    Go ahead and show some skin (like bare shoulders or arms)
-       Black is still a good way to go as it's slimming
-       Blazers are a good option for cover 
-       Big bags/clutches are great to accessorize (as well as to hold things you’ll need in pregnancy, like water and vitamins)

Hope you enjoyed this little "maternity style session" as much as I did putting it together! I'll
be posting more looks soon!


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