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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Whether it's fashion or home decor, mixing different styles can produce truly unique results. The challenge is to do it in the cleanest way possible. Repeating themes - whether in your outfit or a room - is one way to successfully bring an eclectic look together. And focusing on one element in particular - like shoes or throw pillows - can make the whole process of coordinating accessories a lot easier.

The following photos focus on the ceiling as a way to give a room its distinct feel.
Interior Decor by Carden Cunietti

This first set shows the genius behind juxtaposing modern elements like halogen track lighting with traditional, more luxurious features like crown molding. It updates the entire space instantly by giving it a special feature that draws the eyes upward.

Interior Decor by Jordan Carlyle

In these photos, we see a stark contrast between the exposed loft-style ceilings and a glam-chic decor palette. This set is great because we're treated to an interesting and unexpected design element in the form of the unfinished ceiling to what would otherwise be a standard decor theme of black, grey and white with accents of a large mirror and a glass chandelier. The exposed ceiling makes it so much more than that. 

Images from Desire to Inspire

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