Fashion Trends: What Shoes to Choose for Summer 2011?

Thursday, June 02, 2011

I'm looking for a new pair of summer sandals... (and flip-flops are not sandals!) Even though gladiators have been around for ages, has anything else so fierce come out to replace their utter domination? I think not. Gladiators are like the Lakers - you either love em or hate em.

I happen to love them :)

When Balenciaga came out with these knee-high gladiators a few years ago, I thought I would die from their fabulosity:

Etro came out with their suede fringe pair around the same time (Spring 2008) and I love them too - it doesn't get more boho chic than suede fringe, my friends:

So here we are, summer 2011 and we still have gladiator sandals - this time in gold and courtesy of Chanel (Resort 2011) - just to show you the trend is indeed still alive to either your jubilation or consternation:

But if we can move away from the traditional gladiator for a second, can I just say how much I am loving Sergio Rossi right now?
The Talisman worn here by Selena Gomez:

The Maori cutout bootie as worn here by Gwyneth Paltrow:

And finally, Hilary Swank also in Sergio Rossi:

Aahhh I could talk about shoes all day... what is it with the cliche women and shoes? Why do we love them so much, especially when they cause us so much pain with those 5 inch heels! Maybe we love things that cause us pain (like men). lol, just kidding. No woman should love a man that causes her pain :)

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  1. i absolutely love your blog!!!!
    congratulations =D

  2. My favorite subject ;-) SHOES!!!! ;-)
    Love these Balenciaga one! Awesome!


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