Jewelry Inspiration: Cartier's Inde Mysterieuse Collection

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Cartier came out with this Indian-inspired jewelry collection a few years ago (but I didn't have a blog then) so I am posting it here for your visual pleasure.


What can I say about this collection beside state the obvious - it is regal! (I posted a pic of my favorite piece above). Mostly though, I loveeed the ad campaign: the misty photographs of models perched atop French furniture galore. The best part is the flapper vibe: the dresses, hair and makeup all roared 1920's. Cartier avoided what would have been an an easy (and obvious) oriental harem vibe - with Indian pillows, fans, caftans. Thank God they didn't do that! The result is a surprising contrast, showing traditional Indian jewelry can be worn with evening gowns for a chic and glamorous result.

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