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Thursday, September 01, 2016

I wanted to share with you these gorgeous photos of the bridal I worked on for Haute Heritage this summer.

Ameera is not your typical Desi (i.e. South Asian) bride. Having lived in New York for almost 10 years, she wanted her wedding to represent both her Indian cultural heritage as well as her American/New York style. She wore a traditional white dress for her civil ceremony, and wanted an East-meets-West dress for the evening reception. So she approached me to design her evening dress.


We talked about what her favorite runway styles were, what colors she likes, and what jewelry she would be wearing. When we discussed her jewelry, I understood that the Hyderabadi heirloom piece that was handed down to her from her mother represented a central part of her cultural identity, and that she was keen on showcasing it during her wedding. So we designed her dress with her jewelry as the central source of inspiration in mind. The gorgeous emerald green stones and pearls that made up the choker necklace were what I wanted to bring out.


Sketch of the dress before going to production

So to mix the traditional Desi and Western styles, we did a beautiful burgundy red silk to complement the emerald green, with subtle sage green hand embellishments throughout. We also included pearl hand embellishments, and then did a gorgeous gold cream veil with an embellished border that carried the bold colors of the dress. 

We made the dress a two-piece with a fully embellished top and a full, pleated skirt that billowed out to give volume to her petite frame. What I loved about the dress was how versatile it is: it can easily be worn even after her wedding. She can wear both the top and skirt again separately. The best part is that both pieces can be worn in traditional Desi or American settings. 


Ameera was a great bride to work with. She's fun and she likes taking risks, which was evident throughout her wedding style. My favorite part was hearing how happy she was with the dress, and how she felt so beautiful.

We also created her maid-of-honor's dress - stay tuned for photos of that piece, coming soon.

Congratulations Ameera!

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