Black + Gold Power Suit Party

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

I hope you all had a nice long weekend!
We stayed in the area and had nice kid outings like swimming with friends, visiting the farm, hiking, and going to the playground :) 
We had some time to take some pics though! Here, I'm wearing a black and gold suit from Haute Heritage. The fabric is actually traditional jamewar, which is a South Asian style of weaving silk! I loved the pattern and thought it would make a great bold statement suit. I paired it with a simple, boxy black crop top and heels, and finished the look with just a few statement pieces like a sharp necklace and punk-looking ear cuff.

Suit: Haute Heritage | Top: Forever 21 | Sunglasses: Dita

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  1. This suit is hot! I think jamewar is perfect but I find you need to line jamewar, otherwise all the little threads get itchy. Did you line your suit? If you did, what did you line it with, silk or cotton?

  2. Hi Sahar,
    Thanks so much for your comment! Yes, the inside of jamewar is unfinished and scratchy. I definitely had to line the suit, and chose a silk lining because I wanted to give it a luxurious feel. Cotton would have been great too, and probably would have given the suit a stiffer look.


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