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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Hello lovely readers!

Today's post is about closets. As we know, a well-organized one can make dressing a much easier task.

My closet has been a work in progress. Originally, we had a spare room in our house that I made into a walk-in. But we have a more important use for that room now that our little one is here! So we got rid of the closet and made it into our sweetie's nursery.

Anyhow, that left me closet-less. So I went to Pinterest to start looking for inspiration on building one in the extension to our bedroom. One thing that helps when getting started on a project like this is knowing your dressing habits. I like to see my clothes, shoes and accessories all at once so I can easily decide what to wear. I also like to keep my formal, business and casual pieces in separate spaces so I know where to go to grab what. My walk-in had a vanity from which I was able to conveniently apply makeup, so that was an important feature I wanted to keep. Finally, since the new closet is in our bedroom, I wanted finished doors so the clutter wouldn't be the first thing we woke up to every morning.

Additional wish-list items to consider: a space for a laundry basket; an extra large bottom shelf for tall boots; separate installed drawers for jewelry, sunglasses, scarves, belts and gloves; ample lighting; appropriate space for hats; installed chest/drawers for undergarments and socks with separate compartments.

Here are some photos from the before and after:


At first I was really excited about the walk-in closet. I liked having the space to myself, but once we did the makeover, I realized just how untidy it all really looked.


Once we did the makeover, I was much happier with the set-up! With all the clothes tucked away neatly and shoes and bags organized on display for easy grabbing, the look is not only more clean, but functional as well. 

All the pieces are from IKEA. The great thing about the IKEA closet builder is you can customize the interiors with shelves and compartments to hold your pieces. The display cases holding the bags, shoes, and accessories are actually IKEA's Billy Bookcases. For the wardrobes, we just took measurements to make sure they fit wall to wall and floor to ceiling.

What are some of your easy dressing and closet organizing tips? I'd love to hear them!


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