Decor Inspiration: Mixing Tribal Prints

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Maybe you've thought about adding some global accents to your decor but aren't sure which are good pieces to buy or worse, whether they'd actually clash with the decor you've already got going on.

The best way to get your own decor right is by understanding why great examples work. Global decor done well mixes different prints and pieces in a seamless, effortless way.

Here's one great example: layers of different print rugs, hexagonal Moroccan coffee tables, Indian screen-printed throw cushions, Safari-inspired zebra print furniture and antlers, and Moroccan poufs - we've got a lot going on here. But somehow, it manages to all look chic and put-together instead of becoming a cluttered mess. One reason is there's a consistent color theme in the decor pieces that ties them all together: we see the reds and oranges from the rugs being pulled through the couch cushions, and then also immediately complemented by the accents of greys, blues and black. The clean, grey walls provide balance to the busy room, while the glossy paint finish adds that chic factor.

Design by Melissa Collison

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