Ethnic Style Inspiration: Fresh and Modern

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I must admit, I am not a big fan of most current popular Pakistani fashion. Despite having some of the most beautiful hand-crafted textile traditions in the world, Pakistani fashion of late has unfortunately taken a turn for the worse. For the most part, it's been awfully repetitive over the past few years - I don't remember the last time something jumped out at me as being fresh. The industry seems to have stepped into a rut in which it takes "more is more" overboard - five different types of lace, ribbon and tinsel, on top of that block print and embroidery, and just in case you think it needs some extra sparkle (it doesn't), throw on some sequins. It's no wonder most women end up looking like Christmas trees.

This should not be allowed to continue!

But every once in a while, a designer will come along and breathe some fresh air into the industry and remind you of the beauty of which Pakistan is capable. One such designer is Élan. Celebrating Pakistan's intricate embellishment tradition, Élan combines these details with simple, flowing silhouettes for a breathtaking result - not one overwhelmed by accents. When I think of Pakistani fashion, this is what I think of: beautiful gemstones on yards and yards of flowing fabric in a simple and elegant design.

I can only hope we see more designs like these in the Pakistani fashion industry in the future. The beauty of simplicity has been lost on the Pakistani public for far too long. It's time to put those Christmas trees away!

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