Recipe: Pocket Pita Sandwiches

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I have been rather obsessed lately with finding healthy, clean eating options and creating a balanced diet for my family and me. In my search for tasty recipes and becoming more nutritionally informed, I find myself so grateful for all the amazing blogs out there creating new and interesting things in the kitchen in the name of health and clean eating!

Coming up with new, healthy options for our meals is always a challenge for me. I've been hitting up our local Trader Joe's more recently and love the great fresh produce they have on hand. (And anytime I can steer away from their to-die-for Chocolate Patisserie, is indeed a good day.)

For a light dinner last night, I made these quick and easy turkey pitas. Made with whole wheat pocket pitas, roasted turkey breast, tabbouli, sliced sweet onions, feta with mediterranean herbs, and tzatziki sauce, it was a quick meal with a good mix of whole grains, lean protein and veggies.

All ingredients from Trader Joe's

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