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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Over the course of browsing this blog, dear reader, you may have noticed it contains mostly photographs and very little editorial content. Some of you may enjoy that - who needs to read what can so obviously be seen in a photograph anyway? - and some of you yearn for more context. I certainly appreciate being able to scroll through stylish photos without the clutter of words that serve only to repeat what I see. But sometimes, I long to hear the voice behind these images. What is the writer's inspiration, are there any aesthetic connections he or she makes... Is he or she funny? (I add this last part because to me, humor is the most difficult to write but the most enjoyable to read).

Anyway, the reason for this foray into literary skill is to mark a slight change of format here. This blog will now (try to) include more explanation and context for its images. Because style is sometimes more than just pretty pictures, it's also the ability to put into words why something is beautiful. And because this is my blog and I can do whatever I want. 

Sometimes, good writing can only be as good as its subject matter. And I can think of few subjects as glorious as shoes. (At least in the realm of style, that is). Combine that with the age-old thrill of a good deal, and you, my friend, have the recipe for fashion euphoria.

What makes shoes so obsession-worthy? For those who find it difficult to understand, I'll try to explain: it's the ability of a shoe to completely transform an outfit. Unlike other articles of clothing, your shoes tell people, "I prefer to be comfortable and don't care what you think" or, as with the 5-inch + variety: "I have fierce sense of style, will stop at nothing to look utterly fabulous, and feel sorry for you for being unable to do the same." A unique shoe will stop onlookers in their tracks and elevates a mediocre outfit to fashion talent.

Examples of great statement shoes:

I picked up these beauties at a local mall during a visit to Wisconsin. The metallic palladium shade is very of-the-moment and goes perfectly with gold and silver because it's the right tone in between (I love mixing metals). The black acrylic wedge is sleek, and the dents give it a geometric look making them even more awesome.

Boutique 9 T-Strap Wedges, on sale for $46

Brian Atwood Glamazon T-Strap Heels, $1,790
Just wanted to compare my steal with these Brian Atwoods - they're not the same thing (I like mine better) but you get the point.

There's nothing like slick shoes that make a statement for a fraction of the price!

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