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Monday, February 28, 2011

We saw less ball gowns and more column dresses at the Oscars this year. Anne Hathaway had the luxury of 8 dresses (see post below), but other than her, no one was dressed spectacularly this year. Is it just me, or are the Oscars becoming less glam each year?

Halle Berry could wear a potato sack and still look ridiculously amazing. That body! That skin! I do think the ruffles in the bottom look a little messy, but she's so radiant that I'm not bothered by them.

Sandra Bullock: I really liked this dress. A bit simple (bordering on boring) but the material and small details in the corset and chest bring make the tailoring of the dress stand out.

Camila Alves: Stunning woman. I actually like this dress, but it's too boring for the Oscars. It would have probably been more appropriate at a gala or charity event, but it's the Oscars! Where is the glitter, the sparkle!

Jennifer Lawrence: When she came on the screen I thought to myself, she is pretty! But why is she dressed like this is a party at the playboy mansion? She is a film actress! This is not Baywatch!

Scarlett Johanssen: The color of this dress is gorgeous and I like the lace. But again, too boring! She's not even wearing any jewelry to dress it up! What about chandelier earrings, even a cuff... something!

Mila Kunis: I liked the color - it was appropriate for her age, and it was eye-catching amongst all the other black, white and red dresses there. But the lace pieces falling all along the bottom are drab and unflattering.

And finally, Best Actress winner Natalie Portman: The dress was pretty, the color beautiful, and given her pregnant condition, the shape was appropriate and flattering. But again, something was missing - she's not even wearing a necklace! Those extra details would have helped made the dress pop, and maybe the critics would have been less harsh with her.

What is with these American actresses? We want glamour!!

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