Recipe: Tortellini with Green Beans, Spinach and Tomatoes

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cooking with things you already have in the fridge - with no real 'recipe' to go by AND making it taste good - has always been the mark of a good cook to me. Unfortunately, I don't feel like I'm much of a natural at it, but I'm working on it! I thought I'd start slow and simple, and although this recipe is much more carby and cheesy than I usually opt for, it's still OK once in a while.

New resolution: go with what's already in the fridge!

In olive oil, sautee the chopped garlic. Add the spinach and arugula, then tomatoes, then the green beans. Finally, add in the cooked tortellini. I topped off the dish with a little basil, salt and pepper and parmesan and feta cheese. And voila! You're done and dinner is served :)

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