Travelogue: Dubai Dune Buggying

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hey everyone! Stop one on our Mid East/South Asia trip was Dubai, where we visited my sis. There, we went out to the desert for a dune buggy excursion one day. The desert is absolutely beautiful - vast and seemingly endless, with delightful clusters of roaming camels along the way.

But dune buggying was an experience I wasn't expecting. I thought it would be pretty harmless - like go-karting, but that it really wasn't. The dunes are deceptively steep and the terrain rougher than you think. It felt like I was going to wipe out a few times (I lost control and was suspended mid-air more than once) but I still managed to hold it down. My brother wasn't so lucky - he crashed his dune buggy twice and received a pretty bad gash on his hand. But it was still a lot of fun racing each other up and down the dunes! I'd recommend it to anyone who can handle a car pretty decently and wouldn't mind getting roughed up a little ;) 
Look at them go
Smiling and celebrating that we made it in one piece!

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