Middle Eastern and South Asian Modern Home Decor

Monday, June 04, 2012

When a good friend from Cairo visited recently, she brought me these cute coasters featuring retro pop art Egyptian movie posters. They were so fabulous, they inspired me to create a Middle Eastern-inspired sitting area for our fireplace.

The first step was to create comfortable floor seating: piles of floor cushions covered with patchwork quilts from Pakistan. The floor seating is anchored by silver Moroccan lanterns atop cylindrical latticework side tables. Then I layered different textured and colored rugs with a low brass tray table.

For a little variation in seating, there's a sleek chaise lounge in the corner that I adore - it's the perfect way to curl up in front of the fireplace and read a book!

There are also a few modern elements to the room - including halogen track lighting and sleek silver floor vases - to balance the ethnic theme and keep the look fresh.

Do YOU have an item that's inspired you to create a special look, whether an outfit or a room?

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  1. This is your house?? AMAZING!!! Makes me want to sip chai tea and gab fashion all day!

  2. Come visit and we'll do just that! xo

  3. really lovely!! you know im all about middle eastern decor :)

  4. Thanks ladies! Yeah Shima, I love what you've done with your place, too - all that unique Persian artwork is awesome!


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